Advanced Device Locks

Advanced Device Locks (S60 3rd) 1.16_

Secure your phone


  • Flexible locking options
  • Restrict access to specific applications
  • Simple to configure


  • Just one master password

Very good

It's crazy to think just how much personal data we carry around in our pocket every day. From photos and videos to private messages and contacts our phones are full of things that we wouldn't want to fall into the wrong hands. But how many of us actually make the effort to make sure this personal information stays personal? Not many, I would guess.

With Advanced Device Locks you can secure your S60 phone with ease. The program allows you to lock your S60 phone, or restrict access to certain applications such as Messages, Pictures, Contacts, Video, etc.

Advanced Device Locks lets you choose to automatically lock your phone based on particular events. For instance, it can be activated every time your phone is switched on, when the SIM card is changed, after a specified period of inactivity, or when someone attempts to access a protected application.

The great thing about Advanced Device Locks is the way it gives you full control over the level of security you want to apply. You can choose to fully lock your phone, or just block access to particular applications, and it's great to have this level of flexibility.

If you're worried about your phone's data falling into the wrong hands then Advanced Device Locks provides a no-nonsense way of protected your personal info.

Enhanced support for Nokia N97 & N97 mini


  • Enhanced support for Nokia N97 & N97 mini

Lock your worries out!

Advanced Device Locks (ADL) is an app that locks stress out of your life. Feel free to give your phone to a friend to check it out; he will not be able to read your messages. No one can spy your phone when you go to the bathroom. If your children want to play with your cell, you do not need to worry that they might delete valuable files. When ADL is in charge, you can just relax! With Advanced Device Locks you can lock the two most important things on your cell: your applications (Messaging, Gallery, Contacts, Notes, Web and browsers, etc.) and the phone itself. How does it work? • First, create a password (lock code). The default one is “0000” but we strongly recommend that you change it. • Second, select whether to lock your phone or specific applications. You can lock your phone: (1) Every time it is turned on; (2) If someone changes its SIM card; (3) After a certain period of inactivity. Or lock applications containing sensitive information: Mark all applications you wish to protect on the Protect Applications list. Choose your comfortable level of security and Advanced Device Locks will ensure it!
Advanced Device Locks


Advanced Device Locks (S60 3rd) 1.16_

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